1. Das Triadische Ballet (1922), Oskar Schlemmer

  2. Das Triadische Ballet (1970), Marianne Hasting, Franz Schömbs, Georg Verden


  3. c2yh:

    Roald Dahl’s macabre short story “Dip in the Pool” tells the tale of a unique and classically tragic circumstance caused by the amalgam of greed and ingenuity- a seaward passenger attempts to cheat at stakes, and in doing so drowns himself in the ocean. Alternately, Miyako Koda and Tatsuji…

  4. Moe no Suzaku (1997), Naomi Kawase

  5. Moe no Suzaku (1997), Naomi Kawase

  6. Carousel (1975), Ooya Chiki

    (Source: ritornello)

  7. A Conversation with Jon Rafman (2010)

  8. Bible (2014), Momo Okabe

  9. See Heaven (1995), Naomi Kawase

  10. Agantuk (1992), Satyajit Ray