1. “Celestial Twins”, experimental and symbolist film production collective founded by siblings Diego Barrera and Julieta Triangular, is launching a new alchemic journey: the “Celestial Festival” {Medellín/Colombia, Santiago, Valparaíso/Chile}. 

    “Celestial Festival” brings together multiple art forms to engage in a critical dialogue - from a transcendental and radical perspective. This is an urgent call for mobilisation and direct intervention on themes such as gender, world of symbols, the aesthetic experience as a sacred path. and perception that extends beyond the margins of liberation.


    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge / “Thee Majesty” (Bryin Dall, Edward O’Dowd)
    Lindsay Kemp en “Elizabeth´s Last Dance” de Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky
    David Lynch Foundation
    Marie Losier
    Jonathan Caouette
    Roger Ballen
    Tara Transitory, Harry Chew (Singapur)
    El Palomar (España)
    Huntertexas (Colombia)
    OTD (Chile)
    Colectivo lemebel (Chile)


    Silvia Rodriguez

    (Source: festivalcelestial.com)

  2. Perdida Hija de Perra (2012), Vicente Barros, Sebastian Gonzalez, Melisa Miranda

    (Source: vimeo.com)

  3. Tides (2009), Amy Greenfield

  4. Crazed Fruit (1956), Ko Nakahira

  5. Soliloquy (1999), Shirin Neshat

  6. Rapture (1999), Shirin Neshat

  7. Agatha et les Lectures Illimitées (1981), Marguerite Duras

  8. Piège (1970), Jacques Baratier

  9. Das Triadische Ballet (1970), Marianne Hasting, Franz Schömbs, Georg Verden

  10. Moe no Suzaku (1997), Naomi Kawase